May 09 2009

Georgia On My Mind (The One in Europe… or is it Asia?)

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Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Last year, I was so inspired by some photos of Laos in the New York Times Travel Section that I bought some mosquito repellent, packed my bags, and spent three months in Southeast Asia and several glorious weeks in Laos. I think I am going to name my first child Luang Prubang, regardless of gender, and the next one will be JoMa, after the amazing Lao bakery of the same name. I guess that’s more of a girl’s name.

Well after this morning’s weekly perusal through the Times’ Travel Section, I’ve decided to go to Tbilisi. Apparently, it’s in Georgia. The country, not the state. And it looks amazing. So, who’s with me? We can drink wine at cafes in the Old Town and stroll across the medieval bridges over the Kura River. Later, we will listen to Ossetian folk music and drink vodka.

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