Nov 05 2012

Destination of the Month: India, or “Think Pink”

While wandering through the Globe Corner Travel aisle at Booksmith this past week, you may have been drawn in, distracted, or blinded by a display of hot pink books. Could someone please tell me why India again and again gets classified as hot pink? From the Wallpaper Guide and the Love Guide to Delhi, to The Three Sisters Indian Cookbook, to Siddhartha Deb’s new book The Beautiful and the Damned, when it comes to India, book designers seem always to “think pink” (I spent Hurricane Sandy re-watching Funny Face).

Pink or not, if you’re looking for literature to guide you into India, we’ve got it. Our newest title on the Destination: India shelf is Aman Sethi’s A Free Man: A True Story of Life and Death in Delhi. Sethi is a young up-and-coming Indian journalist who delivers the fascinating narrative of Mohammed, a homeless man in Old Delhi. His book is endorsed by Pulitzer Prize winner Katherine Boo of Behind the Beautiful Forevers, whose own book vividly evokes life in a slum near Mumbai. A different kind of underworld is explored by Suketu Mehta in Maximum City, a narrative that takes the reader from the lives of Hindu gangs in Bombay to behind the scenes of Bollywood.

If you didn’t catch Shuchi’s review of William Dalrymple’s City of Djinns (another pink book!!), scroll down or click here to
read about her travels to San Francisco to celebrate Ganesha’s birthday by sending him overboard on a journey from San Francisco Bay to his home on Mount Kailash. We recently got Dalrymple’s travel writing collected into a series of portraits of India in The Age of Kali. Dalrymple visits little-known areas of the subcontinent in his search for Kali Yug, an “age of darkness” prophesied by Hindu cosmology.

In addition to our vast array of Indian literature and travel narratives, we’ve got the guidebooks to help you get there. Whether you’re a solo backpacker looking for the Lonely Planet, or what Fiona Caulfield, author of our India Love Guides, calls a “luxury vagabond,” we’ve got the right guide for you. To read more about the enchanting India Love Guides, click here, or come browse our Destination of the Month display at Booksmith. You can’t miss it–just think pink.

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