Oct 01 2008

A Book Of Trees…Made Of Trees

Trees: A Visual Guide

Trees: A Visual Guide --by Tony Rodd and Jennifer Stachouse

Trees can tell us a whole lot of things. They can tell you direction if you are lost. Some can provide water for you. They make the air you breathe, which is pretty cool. They also can tell us which way the prevailing wind in a specific area blows. Oh yeah, and they look amazing. Trees, A Visual Guide by Tony Rodd and Jennifer Stachouse has come in to the store and the book is awesome. It has gorgeous pictures of all different types of trees from all over the world. It gives you all the information you need to have a general understanding of tree usage in our world and tree usage in the animal world. This book also lets you know how tall they are, where they grow, the types of flowers or fruits they produce, and much, much more. Anyway, I think it is an awesome book that tells you about some of the tallest and oldest living things on earth. Even if you don’t want the information, the pictures alone are worth it and are spectacular.

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